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An open letter to EA, Part 1: Please reboot C&C Renegade, i’ll make it worth your while

EA, please reboot Renegade.

Electronic Arts have built up a little reputation as being IP whores, assimilating other developers and milking their properties until only their hollow dry crusts remain. But in recent times, there has been a noticeable push to create new franchises, rather than rely on a back catalogue of games quickly fading into irrelatively. I’ll argue that EA are still creating new franchises rather than new games; but they like money, and I can’t fault them for that. The truth is that EA have changed, and have gained a new dose of respect from the gaming community.

So Electronic Arts, you can see that I do appreciate your new business model – which makes it difficult to ask – can you please reboot Renegade?

Now, this isn’t one of the thousands (millions?) of online petitions or forum threads about how some fanboy wants their favourite game in HD. It’s true that I enjoyed Renegade, but this is not the reason for my humble request; the bottom line is the game is more relevant today than it was in 2002, and in our current gaming climate, could stand out and make a tidy sum.

Command & Conquer: Renegade is the First Person departure of the Command and Conquer series. The C&C series has spanned 13 years, and is an icon of the real time strategy genre. The years of lore and creative narrative have woven a solid universe, with coherent stories that span from the mid 1990’s to a half century in the future.


Renegade’s greatest asset was Command & Conquer mode, a unique multiplayer gametype which introduced RTS elements to create something out of the ordinary. Each team are allocated a base comprising of five buildings; each performing a major function. The goal, to destroy the enemy’s base, can be achieved in two ways – either raze each building, or place a super weapon beacon on the designated beacon pedestal (and protect it until it’s timer runs down). It’s a tactical game – team tactics are required to effectively infiltrate the enemy base and tactical decisions must be made in regard to what buildings to strike, or what character or vehicle the in game currency should be spent purchasing.


I mentioned the game is more relevant today than when it was initially released. It’s true, and a remake of the game could be released and would probably sell well on the C&C name alone – but with some legitimate changes and the correct mentality, a Renegade reboot really has the opportunity and take advantage of the current gaming landscape and mesh with proven and emerging gaming trends.

The following is part one of a proposal outlining how Renegade can be adapted to guarantee success.

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LittleBigRipoff? Sony can sell your user content

I may be reading too deep into this, but I’m a little concerned none the less.

Sony have recently made changes to their PSN terms of use, notably adding terms and conditions for user generated content. No doubt, this is a legal precaution leading up to the release of LittleBigPlanet, obviously there needs to be guidelines to allow Sony to define and take action again inappropriate content.

But what really got my attention were some of the rights Sony have concerning your generated content…

You also authorise us [Sony] and our affiliated companies, without payment to you, to license, sell and otherwise commercially exploit your User Material

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Resistance 2 public beta – opening this friday?

A fortnight ago the kind folks at Insomniac opened up the R2 beta site, allowing the public to enlist. Nothing has been heard since, and personally I’ve been very eager to find out more details about the beta – namely, when will it start?‘s R2 order page lays claim that users who preorder a copy of the game are ensured access to the public beta, and “Instructions will be emailed Thursday 16th October for customers who have already preordered”. Of course this is in no way the definitive word, game retailers are notorious for throwing up inaccurate and outright incorrect information – but as of today, visiting the official Beta signup page requests username and password credentials, ones that PSN account details (or email, or anything else I could frantically attempt) will not satisfy.

What does this mean exactly? Well nothing really, except that something has finally changed (the website had been displaying the same information since it launched) and maybe something exciting is about to happen.

Is it just a coincidence this has happened in line with’s predictions, or are we really staring down the barrel of an R2 weekend?


Wipeout HD – Seizure inducing madness

Due to some small financial issues (read: I purchased GalCiv2), I’ve been unable to pickup Wipeout HD as of yet. My close friend Ryan Honey has offered his thoughts on the game. 

Well the latest installation of the WipEout franchise has finally arrived on our digital doorsteps after being delayed for reportedly failing epilepsy standards tests. Wipeout HD can be obtained via the PSN for $27.95 AU and a relatively small download topping out at just under one gigabyte.

When initially announced, Wipeout HD was a new entry simply containing high definition versions of all our old favourites. For the most part, this is true. However we’ve also got new teams as well as a few new tracks; with a lot of the other content generated from “the best parts” of Wipeout Pure and Pulse, this includes the soundtrack.

Visually, the game is nothing short of stunning, breathtaking, or any other adjective you could think of. I think anyone who has played the game will agree with me in saying that the lighting effects are simply astonishing, while in the ‘Zone’ game mode, almost all textures are stripped in exchange for some visually intense colouration patterns. As you progress through the numerous ‘zones’, your ship gets faster and the whole world changes form around you. The best part about this mode is the environment responds to whichever track happens to be playing, which includes huge digital oscilloscopes assaulting your eyes. Of course, all our other game modes still remain as well as the addition of an online component.

Gameplay-wise any veteran of the Wipeout era will quickly gain their footing, with pilot assist options handy for novice  players. With our handy new SIXAXIS/DS3 controllers having great pressure sensitive shoulder buttons we also get the experience of controlling the intensity of the ships air brakes, which makes cornering a lot more… controllable. The old ‘recharging pit lane’ still has not seen its’ return, with absorbing of held weapons still the way of the future it seems. One fancy thing they did hold onto are those groovy magnetic tracks where you can go through a seemingly never ending corkscrew at 700km/h.

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No Mercy – The Punisher on his way exclusively to PSN

That’s right, The Punisher – not just one of the other pretenders – is on his way to the Playstation and he’s bringing guns and an exclusive downloadable game. 

The rumour dropped a few days ago that a new Punisher game was on the drawing board, but no other specifics were hinted at. Today, Playstation.Blog has dropped the news that the game is on its way exclusively to Playstation users, via the PSN. 

Zen Studios (of Mushroom Men fame) will be developing the game, and it may not be exactly what you’re expecting – The Punisher: No Mercy will be an online multiplayer FPS running on the Unreal 3 engine.

Our main focus is to create an awesome online multiplayer experience with the style and grit from the Punisher’s world, complete with characters like Jigsaw, Bushwacker, Barracuda and even Silver Sable.

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Digital Distribution Defacto – Sooner rather than later?

We all know Digital Distribution is the way of the future. The question is, and remains, just how far in the future will it be before we move away from retail and purchase the majority of our content from the digital realm?

Most of us realise the notion of widespread adoption is, at the very least, a console generation off. It would be a very bold prediction to make that any next, next gen system would discard the optical drive in favour of larger internal storage space and a download only approach to getting content onto the console. Limiting your install base to users with a fast, uncapped internet connection is something you’ll want to think long and hard about before even considering – games require far more space this generation than they did in the last, and this continuing trend of jamming as much content onto the media as possible could certainly hold back the interest in digital distribution. Although personally, I’d argue that in a DD world, the download size of a game would be a competitive factor – the same as graphic quality and game length are today.

A strong argument against the widespread adoption of digital distribution is that gamers enjoy the experience of making a retail purchase. For many, going to the store, looking at the games and being in that environment is an enjoyable experience. But if the booming casual market continues to grow, video game boutiques may become a less appealing place for hardcore gamers.

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My weekend in gaming – Doing it wrong edition.

I probably put more time into playing fetch with the dogs over the weekend than I did playing technology actually invented after the dawn of man. I feel a bit Amish, and I feel a bit guilty, I mean, we’re the dominant species on this planet, we’ve created numerous technological and scientific wonders and I’m throwing a tennis ball around? That’s like refusing keyhole surgery and using a sharpened stone instead.

I guess the positive is I can expend more detail on the gaming I managed to squeeze in, without worrying that I’ll bore everyone too much.

It wasn’t until mid way through Saturday afternoon that I even remembered COD4 was on a double XP weekend, so I dropped the game disk in and played a round. I got my double XP, my team won and I came out on top, all pretty standard stuff. 

But here is where things went a little differently. Picking up COD4 after having not played for a while (I’d loaned my copy away), and becoming MVP on your first game back is usually a good moral boost, it’s a nice feeling to know you’ve still got it even without practice. But that’s not the feeling I received. 

In fact, it solidified the fact that I had nothing to gain by playing COD4. I’m not claiming to be the worlds greatest player, but the challenge wasn’t really there. I understood the game, and everything I did was just routine.

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Playing on Playstation 3

Red Dead Revolver - I paid about $1000 for my launch model PS3, so I guess it's time I get some use out of that emotion chip crammed inside. I remember Red Dead Revolver looking rather good when it was released, and despite the low resolution and odd blurring (that I attribute to playing on a HD set) the game holds up well. It looks good despite these graphical limitations because the art direction is so precise and awesome. And it isn't just the art direction, the music, dialogue and set design (for some reason, set seems a more fitting word than level) all work in tandem to recreate an iconic Wild West atmosphere. Red Dead Revolver doesn’t aim to recreate life in the Wild West, it allows our imagination to take over and populates the locale with legendary men and their legendary stories.

Playing on iPhone

edge - Well I never thought I'd consider playing a game on iPhone as actually gaming, but edge has turned me around. The game is built for the iPhone. Sure, it could be ported, but the elegance of what has been created is astounding, it boggles the mind and makes me wonder what amazing gems we'd receive if current gen consoles weren't clones of eachother.

Playing on PC

Sins of a Solar Empire, Demigod, Generals - Zero Hour - It may be a temporary effect as I slowly reintroduce the PC into my gaming diet, but it seems every title I’m excited to play on the platform is either a strategy game, or a cheap indie game. PC gaming isn’t dead, it’s just restricted to titles that require complex input or a pointing device, and games that couldn't be developed or distributed on other platforms. I guess that’s part of the reason the AppStore is so far a success, there were a lot of indie devs stuck on PC for lack of a better alternative.


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