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My weekend in gaming – LittleBigPlanet impressions

On my girlfriends recommendation, nigh, insistence, I picked up LittleBigPlanet.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t hesitate to comply, the game had simply dropped while I was on holiday and at the rate we’re moving forward even the most remarkable titles can get left behind. Shortly after the title’s release I had played a couple of levels at a friends house, and enjoyed my brief exposure. But I still wasn’t entirely sure what to expect, was this game really as good as they’d said it would be?

The answer is yes. And no. Well at least, not yet. I was honestly amazed by what MM where capable of achieving with some of their levels. Prior to purchasing the game I read a comment on Kotaku in reply to a your favourite gaming moment of 2008 type post which read “LBP… Hands down” and I couldn’t comprehend it. I do now. But unfortunately it’s this all encompassing understanding that Media Molecule have over their game and mechanics that threatens to defeat LBP’s other selling point. Simply put, I can’t beat them at their own game. If I try to make something simple or derivatory, I can’t present it as well as MM. If it try to make something outside the box.. well MM have crafted a pretty big fucking box. Alas, my attempts so far have been enlightening learning tools and observing what MM have done in their levels is a great way to expand my own ideas. I will create an awesome level, and you will love it. It may just take a while.

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Capcom VS LPB – Street Fighter Sackboy


LittleBigPlanet Street Fighter

I’m yet to pickup LittleBigPlanet myself (although it is next on my list), but that hasn’t stopped me from collecting all those free costumes in anticipation. I’m not big on spending real money on virtual goods, especially ones without any function, but these Street Fighter themed Sackboy costumes may be my next exception to the rule – the first being of course, Pain’s David Hasselhoff.

No price or release information has been confirmed, in fact, the costumes themselves are yet to be confirmed – although SCEE’s apparent insistence that both PSNow and N4G remove the image lends a little weight to the rumour.


So will this lead to a wave of Street Fighter inspired levels being created, and removed from the LBP servers?



LittleBigPlanet Beta to be unleashed on Japanese PS3s

If you live in Japan, or own a Japanese console – you are in danger. Danger that your system may be destroyed. Destroyed by awesome. PS3s from the rising sun have access via the PSN to a shiny new LBP theme, a theme that as an added bonus allows access into a LittleBigDraw for beta access, the same as home has previously.

Your downloads will be entries from now until September 23rd, and the beta will take place over two weeks, from Sep 29th to October 12th. The download will be 950MB – 20,000 testers will be accepted from Japan, Europe and North America, so 60,000 all up. So make sure you grab your theme if eligible.



Playing on Playstation 3

Red Dead Revolver - I paid about $1000 for my launch model PS3, so I guess it's time I get some use out of that emotion chip crammed inside. I remember Red Dead Revolver looking rather good when it was released, and despite the low resolution and odd blurring (that I attribute to playing on a HD set) the game holds up well. It looks good despite these graphical limitations because the art direction is so precise and awesome. And it isn't just the art direction, the music, dialogue and set design (for some reason, set seems a more fitting word than level) all work in tandem to recreate an iconic Wild West atmosphere. Red Dead Revolver doesn’t aim to recreate life in the Wild West, it allows our imagination to take over and populates the locale with legendary men and their legendary stories.

Playing on iPhone

edge - Well I never thought I'd consider playing a game on iPhone as actually gaming, but edge has turned me around. The game is built for the iPhone. Sure, it could be ported, but the elegance of what has been created is astounding, it boggles the mind and makes me wonder what amazing gems we'd receive if current gen consoles weren't clones of eachother.

Playing on PC

Sins of a Solar Empire, Demigod, Generals - Zero Hour - It may be a temporary effect as I slowly reintroduce the PC into my gaming diet, but it seems every title I’m excited to play on the platform is either a strategy game, or a cheap indie game. PC gaming isn’t dead, it’s just restricted to titles that require complex input or a pointing device, and games that couldn't be developed or distributed on other platforms. I guess that’s part of the reason the AppStore is so far a success, there were a lot of indie devs stuck on PC for lack of a better alternative.


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