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Umm fuck yes.

When EA announced Battlefield 1943 I was pretty excited. A digitally distributed multiplayer remake of an existing property with a more casual friendly approach; sounds like something I’d suggest.

I have an unwarranted fondness for digital distribution, allow me to summarise.

I like to own things, and having disks and shit is nice – but having a hard drive packed with games is nicer – I prefer to navigate the XMB rather than the living room.

So how do I react when potentially given the opportunity to forgo a physical console? Sceptical, and a little scared.

I’m referring of course to OnLive, which might as well be called the future. This is cloud gaming  – no need for a console or gaming PC in front of you, simply log on to OnLive and their machines do all the work, and stream the audio/visual to you. Xbox, PS3, Mac, PC – doesn’t matter. Pick a game from whatever platform and play it on your low spec PC or television.

It sounds good if not a little fanciful, but I’ll reserve my judgement until I see it in action and see what they expect to charge for the service.

Now for news that inspired this post’s title, I’m happy to say some of my dreams came true this morning.

It’s not official yet, but the original Call of Duty is coming to PSN and Xbox Live. Nostalgia ahoy, I’d had some amazing time with that game and I can’t wait for the excuse to jump back into some multiplayer action.

I’ll admit I am a little concerned how the game will fare without a keyboard and mouse, and considering the scoped Mosin Nagant was my weapon of choice and I rolled with the handle Vasily Zaitsev, I may have trouble returning to my prior awesomeness – sniping with an analogue stick is a skill I’m yet to master.


An open letter to EA, Part 2: Please reboot C&C Renegade, and heres how

The goal, to take an existing property and create a well received game, minimising risk while ensuring a profitable outcome.

In part one of this proposal we located Renegade’s target audience and market position. It almost seems counterproductive to discern this information prior to detailing the game; but it’s an important step in making a profitable title, by defining our audience we can determine the goals Renegade must achieve, and understand the qualities it must encompass. 

The goal, to create a popular online console experience enjoyable by traditional multiplayers and first timers alike.

Renegade’s target audience has been determined, and consists of console owners with the ability to purchase and play content online. The audience can be broken further into two groups – multiplayers, and first timers.

When tailoring a game for traditional online participants there is ample direction and a wealth of inspiration, anything from Doom to CoD4 and every title in between can be studied to observe trends and discern the qualities players of these games hold in regard. But for every console sold, potentially, an offline gamer has the ability to enter the realms of online play. To ascertain what qualities a multiplayer virgin looks for in a multiplayer game, we must apply the knowledge we have of the target group; specifically their interactions with games in other genres.

Games that are popular among the casual, offline crowd share the following qualities.

  • Easy learning curve.
  • Segmented gameplay.
  • Low skill requirement.
  • Simple rules and gameplay.

Renegade’s gameplay features and mechanics will not be compromised to suit the casual player, that is not our goal. Our goal is to create mechanics and features from the ground up that lower the requirement for online play, allowing players with less time, skill or motivation to play online.

I’ve briefly outlined some requirements for success, and it’s time to give the game legs and define the gameplay and features that will carry Renegade towards unfathomable popularity. But before we do, there is one matter I would like to discuss.

There is a certain frailty involved when dealing with existing IP, especially when attempting to diverge from the formula; some fans of forerunning titles can be difficult to please. Fortunately, there is an almost universal solution. The most effective strategy for dealing with possible fan backlash, is to ensure the new product is polished; show the fans that the IP means as much to you as it does to them.

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Trine announced for PSN

What’s Trine? 

Well until minutes ago, I had no idea either. But it looks like the lovechild of LittleBigPlanet and ..well.. a dragon or some other fantasy shit. 

Trine is a 2D platformer with great 3D graphics – it’s good to see a developer put the time in and make it look good; Bionic Commando: Rearmed is one of my favourite games released this year, plenty thanks to the efforts Grin made to ensure the game looked and played as well as it could. 

In a twist on the classic puzzle/platformer, gameplay revolves around the creation and destruction of objects. The player controls a wizard, thief or warrior, and is able to jump between characters at best tackle the obstacle ahead.

Full press release after the jump.

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Capcom VS LPB – Street Fighter Sackboy


LittleBigPlanet Street Fighter

I’m yet to pickup LittleBigPlanet myself (although it is next on my list), but that hasn’t stopped me from collecting all those free costumes in anticipation. I’m not big on spending real money on virtual goods, especially ones without any function, but these Street Fighter themed Sackboy costumes may be my next exception to the rule – the first being of course, Pain’s David Hasselhoff.

No price or release information has been confirmed, in fact, the costumes themselves are yet to be confirmed – although SCEE’s apparent insistence that both PSNow and N4G remove the image lends a little weight to the rumour.


So will this lead to a wave of Street Fighter inspired levels being created, and removed from the LBP servers?



DSi sold out – 170,779 units moved in two days


Are you looking to get a the new DSi? Looks like a lot of Japanese have answered with their wallets, as Gamasutra are reporting that Nintendo’s data shows 170,779 units – lesser known as their effective stock – have been sold in the first two days of sale.

The good news for anyone outside of Japan who can’t wait to get their hot little hands on one, is that importer play-asia still have some systems in stock – probably because they’re asking about $100AUD (or around 30%) import tax over the recommended price.

I am actually moderately interested in picking up a DSi, but my interest hinges almost entirely on the success of the online store – if Nintendo can offer me all first party titles from the online store, than I’ll be happy to feed them more money. Besides, I did skip on the lite and gave away my phat many moons ago, so I do have an excuse to pick a new one up.


PS3 firmware 2.50 + PSP 5.00 drop today

One of the joys of living in Australia, is that we’re actually living some hours in the future. Apart from getting GTAIV a little early, it also means that most dates mentioned on the internet don’t exactly apply to us.

Having said that, PS3 firmware 2.50 and PSP firmware 5.00 are ready to power up your systems on October 15, better celebrated as today.

The semi-official blog ThreeSpeech have announced the news, and have also listed a complete breakdown of what the updates can do for you – PS3 feature list included for your viewing pleasure, after the break.

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New MGO Expansion – “MEME” Revealed

After nearly an entire 8 weeks of waiting (sic), detailed information of the new Metal Gear Online expansion has become available. A lot of information seems to be irradiating from this scan; now, I can’t speak Japanese, but the information seems simple enough. We have Liquid Ocelot and Mei Ling as playable characters and three interesting new maps.

There does seem to be little “official” information on all this, but evidently the three new maps are Silo Sunset (supposedly the very same from MPO), Forest Firefight and Winter Warehouse. The expansion is said to be playable at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show – but as of yet, a release date and price remains TBA.

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Playing on Playstation 3

Red Dead Revolver - I paid about $1000 for my launch model PS3, so I guess it's time I get some use out of that emotion chip crammed inside. I remember Red Dead Revolver looking rather good when it was released, and despite the low resolution and odd blurring (that I attribute to playing on a HD set) the game holds up well. It looks good despite these graphical limitations because the art direction is so precise and awesome. And it isn't just the art direction, the music, dialogue and set design (for some reason, set seems a more fitting word than level) all work in tandem to recreate an iconic Wild West atmosphere. Red Dead Revolver doesn’t aim to recreate life in the Wild West, it allows our imagination to take over and populates the locale with legendary men and their legendary stories.

Playing on iPhone

edge - Well I never thought I'd consider playing a game on iPhone as actually gaming, but edge has turned me around. The game is built for the iPhone. Sure, it could be ported, but the elegance of what has been created is astounding, it boggles the mind and makes me wonder what amazing gems we'd receive if current gen consoles weren't clones of eachother.

Playing on PC

Sins of a Solar Empire, Demigod, Generals - Zero Hour - It may be a temporary effect as I slowly reintroduce the PC into my gaming diet, but it seems every title I’m excited to play on the platform is either a strategy game, or a cheap indie game. PC gaming isn’t dead, it’s just restricted to titles that require complex input or a pointing device, and games that couldn't be developed or distributed on other platforms. I guess that’s part of the reason the AppStore is so far a success, there were a lot of indie devs stuck on PC for lack of a better alternative.


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