some kind of palsy

I’m building a PC. That much is settled. I guess step two was supposed to be tracking down what specs I need. Well no battle plan outlasts first contact, so I guess fuck that – I’m going for the biggest, baddest machine that I can afford. And by can afford I of course mean can’t afford. I’d like to say I’ve nailed the big three, but it’s probably more accurate to say they’ve nailed me. You see, I’m confident in the components I’ve selected. And this is the crux of my concern.

I’ll go on record to say there is no best component – one might be a little faster, one might cost a little less – when computer components are in the same league, they are much and much. So if there is no best component, how can I be confident in my selection?

It’s obvious I’m acting under some outside influence, possibly fulfilling ancient prophecy. I guess there are other explanations, Charles Darwin wrote ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge, so what am I ignorant of? Am I ignorant of the fact that component selection for a new PC isn’t exactly a life or death situation, that in the grand scheme of things it really doesn’t matter what I select? Can I even be ignorant of a fact I’ve just stated?

Is it my knowledge of this fact that has me so confident?

That went somewhere unplanned, I guess that’s stream of consciousness for you. Either way, here are the components with that mystical allure.


Intel Core i7 920 Processor

Asus P6T Deluxe Motherboard

Zotac GTX280 1G AMP Graphics Card


I must also admit I am quiet smitten with the Thermaltake Soprano DX case, and for the price I don’t think I can go past this Kingston RAM.

I just hope these components like each other as much as I like them.

Oh, and if you are looking to buy or build a pc online in Australia I suggest umart – I’ve done a few price comparisons and they are the cheapest (usually by a healthy margin) against all competition I could find.


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