My weekend in gaming – Doing it wrong edition.

I probably put more time into playing fetch with the dogs over the weekend than I did playing technology actually invented after the dawn of man. I feel a bit Amish, and I feel a bit guilty, I mean, we’re the dominant species on this planet, we’ve created numerous technological and scientific wonders and I’m throwing a tennis ball around? That’s like refusing keyhole surgery and using a sharpened stone instead.

I guess the positive is I can expend more detail on the gaming I managed to squeeze in, without worrying that I’ll bore everyone too much.

It wasn’t until mid way through Saturday afternoon that I even remembered COD4 was on a double XP weekend, so I dropped the game disk in and played a round. I got my double XP, my team won and I came out on top, all pretty standard stuff. 

But here is where things went a little differently. Picking up COD4 after having not played for a while (I’d loaned my copy away), and becoming MVP on your first game back is usually a good moral boost, it’s a nice feeling to know you’ve still got it even without practice. But that’s not the feeling I received. 

In fact, it solidified the fact that I had nothing to gain by playing COD4. I’m not claiming to be the worlds greatest player, but the challenge wasn’t really there. I understood the game, and everything I did was just routine.

One round was enough, I shut the game off and fired up Warhawk. I was hoping to have reached Chief Sergeant before the weekend started – I didn’t get there and I’m still about 550 points away, I blame that on not playing over the week and on the fact (and I’m still not even 100% on this) that points gained in pregames don’t actually count. Grr. But 550 points is still temptingly close and I’m keen to smash through those asap. For the uninitiated, I usually score around 50 – 80 points a game and a 50 point bonus is given to members of the winning team. Rounds do got for 30 minutes though, and you must remain in game the entire time to get your 50 winning point bonus, so I’m still a bit of work away hitting that next rank (and hopefully unlocking some cool shit to gear my dude out with). 

So with my limited gaming time, I snuck in three or four rounds of Capture the Flag – this mode is fast becoming my favourite for a bunch of reasons. The things to remember in Warhawk are that it’s a team-based game, and that despite it’s arcady look and feel, it’s actually a very hardcore game with some very hardcore players. I didn’t fully appreciate either of those until I reached Sergeant rank – I guess automatching or my general ignorance blanketed me from the truth. 

Because it is such a team-based game and the battles take place on such massive scales, anything you can contribute to the fight is appreciated. In a round of CTF I won’t capture the flag if there appears to be someone else on the team more capable. I’ll focus my effort in holding the base closest to our flag, and capturing the base closest to the enemy’s flag. 

For me, Capture the Flag has very little to do with the titular flag. My enjoyment of the mode comes from the added value to capture points around the map. In a team death match, it’s as simple a matter as capture what bases you can – CTF adds some strategy into deciding where to focus your efforts. Personally, I’m going to focus my effort onto getting people I know playing this game – with communication and a knowledge of peoples skill sets, legendary success could be achieved.

So much is going on at any one time, even a successful team feels unoptimised. In a round of COD4, if you have a few players not pulling their weight you know about it – a team must work well to be victorious. In Warhawk it seems the barrier for victory is lower, a team can function less than desirable in areas and still succeed. It makes me tingle to think of a team that communicates and works efficiently across the board.


4 Responses to “My weekend in gaming – Doing it wrong edition.”

  1. 1 Tal Kerious
    September 23, 2008 at 10:30 AM

    Get a real game.
    Warhawk is shit.
    Invest £130 on a 360 and get Halo & COD4, players are much better on Live.

  2. September 23, 2008 at 10:59 AM

    From the sounds of it Tal, you’re an xbox fanboy, so I’m going to make the assumption you haven’t actually played Warhawk.
    Halo doesn’t really interest me. Granted, there is some AWESOME stuff in H3 multiplayer that really is ahead of it’s time, and I hope to see in other games too, but I get bored really quick of the game.

    Although I haven’t played COD4 on Live, I’ve got a cousin who has and he’s never mentioned anything about player skill levels, apart from ‘thank god you can mute all the 11 year olds with headsets’.

    I’m pretty pressed for money looking at all the great games coming out, I think i’ll be fine waiting for Resistance 2 to give me my next FPS fix, really can’t beat dedicated servers, playing with zero lag is awesome – I can deal with lag and crap on a PC, but when I’m in my living room I want everything to work right without any effort.

  3. September 25, 2008 at 8:27 AM

    why does everything on here seem exactly the same as ps3fanboy?
    plus you have no comments so stop posting!

  4. September 25, 2008 at 8:45 AM

    Well I am a PS3 owner, and that’s my primary interest when it comes to video games, hence, much of what I post about is Playstation related. PS3Fanboy also post Playstation related news (as I’m sure you know, considering you’re a poster for the site), at times I read things on PS3fanboy that interest me enough to post about – you’ll notice these posts have PS3fanboy credited as the source or as a reference.

    I’m slowly building a larger reader base, and as that grows I expect my number of readers leaving comments to increase.

    So Andrew, if you ever attempt to start your own blog and aren’t receiving comments for each and every post you make – don’t despair, this is not unusual for a new blog. And if I find my way to it, I might even leave a nice comment and make your day.

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