Guitar Hero 4 has a new instrument and PS3 users should take notice

See you guys – It has been a good ride but it’s time for me to now go it alone.
/me jumps off the Guitar Hero hating bandwagon.

So the oft rumoured secret weapon for Guitar Hero: Word Tour has been revealed, and in a bit of a surprise move the Playstation 3 fanbase may have a good reason to start seeing things the Guitar Hero way.

 As it turns out, the latest addition to World Tour is not (yet) another instrument – the game will include a full featured midi sequencer, allowing tracks to be created on PC and transferred into your game. 

So why should Playstation 3 users specifically be excited about this announcement? Although the 360 will also receive this functionality only the PS3 is capable of supporting the hand crafted (and not necessarily by yourself, I’m sure someone will create an online community for sharing this content) sequences with all instruments. The xbox on the other hand is left wanting, midi playback will be limited to drum tracks – due to “hardware issues” with the console.

So what do you think, does this make you a little more eager to get your hands of World Tour? I’m sure there are some audophiles who will be very interested in this feature. 


Shacknews, via Kotaku


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