This N64 portable is impressive. Most impressive.

Dubbed Darth64 because of it’s passing resemblance to Darth Vader’s iconic helmet (although I think Vader64 would have sounded way cooler), this portable Nintendo 64 hack really stands out from all others I’ve seen.

The Nintendo is notorious for being difficult to successfully hack (the components like to stop working when pulled apart), benheck forum member hailrazer took the challenge and made a strong build integrity a priority.

I wanted a system that was bulletproof. I bought some from this site and the build quality was shaky to say the least. Hot glue just wasn’t an option.  

The N64 motherboard was attached using plastic stand-offs that were Abs cemented and epoxied in. Then the cart slot was attached to the motherboard with l-brackets and nuts/bolts. 

So everything is rock solid. Shake it or drop it and nothing will come loose or rattle. 


List of features: 

  • Psone screen with original backlight. 
  • Flush mounted headphone jack. 
  • 5000maH Li-Poly batteries with quick charger and protection circuit.
  • Gamecube style joystick and d-pad.
  • Rear shoulder buttons and twin z buttons. 
  • Cart slot relocation. 
A very impressive piece indeed, my kudos to you hailrazer. Hit the benheck.com forum for more pics and a full rundown of the hacking process. 

1 Response to “This N64 portable is impressive. Most impressive.”

  1. June 15, 2010 at 3:04 AM

    This is just cool, I totally want one.

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