Spore, the most pirated game ever?

Forbes is reporting an interesting little story about an interesting little game called Spore. Heard of it? Well it appears lots have, but it looks like its Spores secuROM DRM that’s getting all the attention yet again. Many are calling EAs latest anti-piracy attempt a failure. But how do you judge the failure of a copy protection system? According to forbes.com, just count the pirates…

 As of Thursday afternoon, “Spore” had been illegally downloaded on file-sharing networks using BitTorrent peer-to-peer transfer 171,402 times since Sept. 1

 But does that make it the most pirated game ever? Well the answer isn’t that clear cut.

Big Champagne, a peer-to-peer research firm says…

A popular game often hits those kinds of six-figure piracy numbers… 

But not usually so quickly. In just the 24-hour period between Wednesday and Thursday, illegal downloaders snagged more than 35,000 copies, and, as of Thursday evening, that rate of downloads was still accelerating. This is a very high level of torrent activity even for an immensely popular game title.

 35,000 copies in 24 hours. It’s hard to believe EA wouldn’t prefer those kind of figures added to their bottom-line.

Spore may very well turn out to be the most pirated game, and by far, but if EA continues with their insertion of this sort of DRM – and the backlash against it continues, Spore may simply be the most pirated game yet.


Spore’s Piracy Problem – Forbes.com


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